Jammy Taylor

not today thank you

Written – 29/10/2012 – sandy, oh sandy


It’s 10.58 pm, the powers been out now for the best part of four hours and counting.


As I sit here alone in the darkness of my apartment, all you can hear is the wind hammering away on the windows and a constant stream of sirens going past and this drone in the air, which I cant quite place my finger on; almost like an air raid siren, that’s the closet thing I can compare it too.


New York is in a way, I’ve never seen it before.  It’s for all-intense and purposes a war zone, there is not a soul to be seen on the streets, a 7-11 with an open door; a mouse with a dry piece of cheese, this once great city that never sleeps, tonight lays in ere darkness.


Manhattan island is cut off, all bridges and tunnels are closed and in some parts of the city, just a few blocks from where I reside right now, water is head high, cars are floating down the street, it’s almost bordering on a scene from right out of a disaster movie, indeed I’m waiting for Will Smith himself, to jump out at any minute and enlist me to help save the city.


But until then, I sit here all alone, about to take down the last pack of haribo from my secret stash, the only light I have, is from my trusty laptop, from which I’m writing this to you now, but even that is of short resource with the battery already dwindling away.  Soon I will be completely cut off from the world, in a way I never have been before.


I’m from England, we don’t have things like this over there, infact the only time before I’ve ever experienced anything remotely like this, I was 2, in 1987, it broke my tree house and my Dads BBQ, I was pissed!


But this is serious. It’s a very humbling feeling, what now? Mother Nature! Could this be what the Mayan chocolate people were talking about?


There is not actually that much to do on your own in the darkness, when the power goes out, I’m a boy, I bloody hate candles at the best of times, had a bad experience with them; I once went back to this girls house one night when I was about 17. I’m not sure what we were doing now, playing trivial pursuit or something but she insisted on lighting these candles all around the bed and then she only leant down to pick up one of the cheese I guess and set her bloody hair on fire; there is nothing like the smell of burning hair to make you not want to play trivial pursuit anymore. Once I’d put her out, I put my clothes straight back on and got the hell out of there. I’ve just never looked at candles in the same light again!

I did go and buy some corned beef though, that was nice, took up all of about 5 minutes to finish that off.  I have one Kit Kat left, but I’m saving that for being a good boy as a reward for finishing this.


23.59, storms picked up again.  Feels somewhat heavier now on the windows maybe like hailstones, still the drone and the sirens pierce the night sky.


It makes you think you know, things like this, just how precious life is and how fast it can be extinguished. I’m not ready to go yet, I’ve got too many things to do.  It’s Halloween tomorrow (00.08 now) for Pete’s sake, this year I’m going as the Red Indian from the Village People; I went as the Policeman last year and it was a roaring success, it would be a shame to waste it.


I’m too old now really for trick and treating and especially out here all the bloody chocolate has Nuts in, which makes it a complete waste of time anyway.


I remember as a kid I used to go, I wasn’t that inventive back then really when I was little, I used to just cut holes in a black bin bag and wear a mask, seemed to do the trick though, me and Miles my best mate would collect quite the haul, although there was this one neighbour, oh, yes this one neighbour who would never come to the door to see me and Miles dressed in a bin bags with our scary masks, oh no , oh no,  she would just shout through the letter box, “not today thank you”.


Oh ok, then, shall we come back tomorrow??  ITS HALLOWEEN!! Tonight!! How does that even make sense.  We can’t come back tomorrow!!  Are you trying to trick us!!


We never did get any candy from her. Of course we egged her drive way ever year for good measure, infact im 27 now and I hope Miles is out there tomorrow night, egg at the ready!


But it worked, so that’s got me thinking.  Maybe that’s what needs to happen here in New York tonight!


I’m not going to answer my door or even entertain the fact that Sandy is out there banging away.


“Not Today Thank you!”


I’ve got too much life to live!


Oh shit my battery is about to gooooo