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jenny was a friend of mine

Jenny was a friend of mine

Written 18/10/2014 – London home on a Saturday night on the sofa

Good Evening!! Just sitting here on the sofa, finally home in London, the calm before the storm of going back to Los Angeles this week, now into my 30th year. I’m a child no more, I mean I’ve looked 30 now for some considerable amount of years already; I’m hoping that slows down a wee bit as I get older and even maybe levels out, I mean I’m not expecting the whole Benjamin Button thing as that didn’t look at that fun at the end either but as with all things a nice balance would be good.

I’m actually enjoying my grey wings in my hair coming in and the wiser, older self. The last year has been a real learning curve, with a lot of sacrifices made, highs and lows and a great deal of endeavour.

There are not many thing in life I regret, I mean maybe not keeping a slightly lower profile at school, keeping my head down and taking French lesson seriously, listening to Auntie Annie more about looking after my teeth, oh and dumping Jenny by text message.

I know, what a fucker right, even now 16 years on it still haunts me, poor girl. I don’t know what I was thinking. Yeah that one still plays on my mind. Not cool.  I assure you all I will never make that mistake again.

It’s better to front things head on, say what you mean and how you feel and don’t hide behind the curtain.  I heard a great saying just last week, “Everything done in the dark, eventually come out into the light…” Jenny if you reading this now, IM SORRY!

But I’m making amends.  I’ve also just spent a week knocked out in bed after having a tooth out and Invasline braces made and fitted.  Annie bless her cotton socks was right. Now I’m out in LA, my Canvey Island smile, just wasn’t going to cut it..

I’ve never been in so much pain in my life.  The bloody tooth just would not come out, then got infected, I mean you could see the sweat on my poor dentists face building up as he realised the magnitude of the situation and once we started there was no going back, whist I lay back and thought of England, mouth open with him tugging away with these giant clamps for an hour and a half, bloody things was like and Ice Berg, the size of it, No wonder the crocodile was so angry, pulling teeth is no fun what so ever, but alas in 13 months time I will finally have nice straight teeth.

I was meant to have a brace when I was younger but to be honest I had a hard enough time at school as it was and Jenny would never have of fancied me with great big bloody train tracks in my mouth.  At least now as much as it hurts and feel like I’ve been smacked in the mouth every morning these are discreet and see-through.

I mean I can already see the plus side, Snacking is now near on impossible, it’s such a palaver to get the bloody things in and out and with all the teeth cleaning before you can put them back in again, you pretty much only eat 3 times day and the rest of the time only water, fantastic diet plan, for the first time in my life I have unopened chocolate buttons just sitting in my fridge and I just cant be bothered to go through it all to eat them.

Things are finally starting to come together out in LA, it’s a tough old gig and even me who’s now quite used to rejection still finds it hard but after working like crazy, learning how to talk comprehendible rather than only people over Upton Park being able to understand me, working on my craft, dance lessons, accent lessons you name it, I’m just about to film a small part in my first ever feature this week and have a few really exciting projects coming out in the next few months.

But literally I’ve just spent a week bed bound watching old re runs of Dale Winton’s Super Market Sweep and I normally like to keep myself busy, it’s killed me stuck in bed. It really was too painful to move. Even to urge on the TV for them to go for the Inflatable Banana Bonus was proving taxing, maybe it was Gods way of paying me back for Dumping Jenny…

I’ve been thinking about her a lot about her this week, poor old Jenny, such a sweet girl, my first kiss.  Yep true story. Maybe one day our paths will cross again…

Oh I’m being all soppy now, MAN UP TAYLOR, I don’t know, maybe it was the old wisdom tooth coming out that brought it on, this sudden reflective time; maybe it was Dale Winton, who knows…

But then all of a sudden whilst I’m laying there and I guess the reason why now the first day I’m better and can actually move again, on a Saturday night, I’m in writing this and not out on in the disco-tech on my final weekend in London this year, was that I got text yesterday from the editor of the magazine I’ve been writing pieces for, for the past 3 years now, I mean I went in at the ground level and wrote for free out of love in my spare time from the prototype till now.

And after chasing me to ask for my latest piece about dating in a LA with a girl at dinner with a guy waiting in the car park for her waiting to take her out on her next date…  I do bloody pick them don’t I!

He then text me to tell me that he no longer needed me to write for the next issue as the magazine was talking a different direction.

Yep, by text…

Over and out