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im nuts!!!

Written – 30/7/2012 – I’m not nuts, really!!

Being a vegetable terien has never been quite so popular. I mean it’s always been there right from Dorothy the Dinosaur but right now it’s the hot new topic and everywhere you look specialist herbivore restaurants are popping up left, right and centre.

Of course I still haven’t been in fact, I cross the street when I see one, however I have started doing my bit to try a little harder and am now eating cucumber and you know; I quite like it, it’s refreshing; sometimes I have it in a salad; sometimes I even choose the flavoured water at Shoreditch house with the cucumber in it, but that’s where it stops really, I mean; I eat corn on the cob, mushrooms, tomatoes and such like, although still not onions, oh no!,  I will not do it, Jam I am!

But have to say; I am starting to be more aware of my body and what I eat, I met a very nice new vegan friend that other day and we had a long chat about everything and he was telling me that apparently you should eat for your blood type.  I am an, “O” which means I’m a Meataterian and need it to function.  That was the original blood type, but its dying out because of all these vegetarian restaurants and this new breed of, “A” blood type, which he said, apparently is much more common now days and they don’t work so well on meat, which actually both my vegetarian sisters are also, so maybe there is some truth in this after all. There are a few other different blood type combinations but from what I gather, they are a bit like the Green party and never going to rival the big two.

I couldn’t be a vegetarian anyway even if I wanted too, it’s all a bit to nutty for my liking and with my Nut allergy. Not a good look!

So there I was the other day, sipping my ice cold water by the pool at Shoreditich House in East London, in fact it could have been the cucumber water thinking back.

There I was minding my own business, when this woman comes over and sits next to me and I can’t quite remember how we got talking now,  I am quite social little bunny and tend to strike up conversations with just about everyone and you know what, it’s stood me in good steed over the years, it’s nice to be nice!

So there we are on the roof on one of London’s better days and I’m telling her about my new found love for my body we get talking and turns out, she’s a psychic healer.  I know!

Now, I like to think I’m quite a, well rounded chap. Travelled, open minded but generally quite straight forward. I believe in Ghosts and don’t particularly want to test it in a dark scary house all by myself;  I also think that space is just too big for Richard Branson to explore it all to himself, there just has to be something else out there. But again, generally I don’t follow anything weird.

Where was I, oh yes, she was a energy healer!

So we got talking and to start with I was a bit like emmm ok.  But then the more it went on, I soon found it really fascinating.

Now you might not know this as I tried to keep it under wraps, but for the past year, I lost a big patch of hair in my beard. BLOODY NIGHTMARE!

As you can imagine; for modelling shoots having to air brush it back in after, wasn’t the best; but you know, what was quite funny in the sense that; when I went about my daily business, I met so many other blokes with the same thing as me and with a knowing look and a nod, it was as if I had joined a little secret baldey beard club.

I remember trying to get into a bar one night, and the dude on the door was like no, sorry mate, then he clocked my beard and was like, you have it too, come in!

Anyway I went on to learn that apparently this wasn’t stress as the doctors had been saying to me, apparently everywhere on you face you have meridians; energy pathways corresponding to organs and the alopecia was because my organs were up the creek!

In my case, my digestive system and stomach.  So with that I was all ears and arranged the next day to pop around her office for her to try and cure me. 

I have admit, I was slightly scared on my way round, what if she tied me up and performed sexual rituals on me or I was never seen again?  But I’m a wiley old fox and I made sure, I foursquared the shit out all the surrounding buildings, just in case; so as to leave a trail of bread crumbs.

So I’m there and its all very pleasant, she’s makes me a little cucumber water to settle my nerves and then starts working out with a pendulum and meditating what caused the problem and she tells me that at 23 I had an emotional trauma which caused a break down.

Now I hadn’t told her a thing up until this point. But remember that girl, the one I always refer back too.  Well I was 23 ;)

Anyway, so she then starts going through all these boxes of substances, in little glass test tubes. Iron, Zinc, Dog, Cat Pigeon,  all sorts of weird and wonderful things concocting a potion before putting all these little bottles into a magic machine and wait for it, then transferring there energy from the one side with all the test tubes in it for the remedy, into sugar pills and then attaching them to points all over my body, before shortly after with a little bit of humming and some meditation, releasing me back into the streets of Soho looking like a right wally with pills stuck all over me for a day.

I know it all seems a bit far fetched!

If you had told me this before I had experienced it myself, I would be like, yeah right James!

But you know what, it’s now been 5 weeks, and after almost a years of having a great big bald patch in my beard,  it’s now fully grown back!

Maybe there is something in all the eastern medicine and vibrational medicine after all.

Next up she thinks she can cure my nut allergy! Now that really is a big one!

So if you don’t hear from me again, maybe it didn’t work after all. Find me on Foursquare and come running with an epi pen.

But if it works, I think she’s just worked out how to turn LEAD into GOLD!!

Watch this space….



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