Jammy Taylor

the great train journey north

“I wouldn’t wish it on anyone”

For some reason, and this is a bit random, I do have a slight interest in trains; now by that I don’t mean counting the numbers on the side and putting them down in a book, I just mean that I find it fascinating, how you can get a train pretty much anywhere and even just wondering when you see one where that particular train is going, and where it has come from; now I promise you, I don’t have the same thing for tube trains as that would be really sad.

Anyway, earlier I made a reference comparing my trip to Brazil with my trip to Leeds. This is why.

It all started when I had my friend staying with me in London for a few days. We went out every night and had a really good time.

It was on the last day before he went back, that he was saying about how great the night life was in Leeds and how there was lots of lovely ladies there, especially with all the universities. With that I was intrigued and decided to go up for a night, to see if this was true.

So we got to King’s cross, we bought our tickets and boarded the train.  We were lucky enough to find two seats together, although for some reason on this particular day everyone had the same idea as us, to go to Leeds, as the train was packed.

This was a bit of an adventure for me as I had never been this far north or never been on a train for that length of time, and I did get quite excited. In the end, I didn’t really notice how long the journey was as luckily I had taken my laptop with me, so spent the duration with my head buried in it, as my friend soon fell asleep.

We got to Leeds, and the doors on the train opened, now it had been quite a nice mild day in London, but up in Leeds, it was freezing, and I mean cold. The difference was incredible.

We had a quick look round on the way back to his flat, and indeed Leeds was beautiful and had all the major shops as London did, even a Selfridges.

My friend was studying at Leeds University and lived in a student flat with 5 other guys, (who I must say where all really lovely and welcoming), in what was like a little student village, it was really incredible to see how close they all were and how they all pulled together, for example, my friend had a spare room for me to sleep in, but there was no bed linen at all, now normally back home, if this happened, you would be stuck, but if you’re a student, what do you do?  That’s easy, you simple knock on your neighbour’s door and borrow theirs. 

Believe it or not, I was a student once, well for about 5 weeks, I finished school and went to a local college, and started doing four A levels, however I soon got bored and changed to a Btec in performing arts, although I soon got bored again and just left. You see I didn’t really like studying much, but I think I did miss out on a few things, like all the college parties and this experience of student life, and of course the endless hours of playing cards and drinking games.

Anyway we were getting ready to go out, and it started to rain, which normally is fine but I have already said how cold it was this far north, it was like being in another country, anyway luckily I had a big coat with me. Although I later found out maybe I wasn’t so lucky.

We went to a few different clubs that night and not a single one had a cloak room or anywhere you could put your coat safely, so I was left either having to put it down and hope no one put there cigarettes out on it, hold it, or wear it and cook.

I decided just to hold it, although I did look a bit silly. Now I was a long way from and apart from my friend, I think it was safe to say I wouldn’t see anyone I knew, which is true, I didn’t.  So there I was, standing there in the corner, holding my huge coat (I think my mate had gone off to the loo at this point), when this really large guy approached me. I was thinking to myself, oh dear this could be trouble, when all of a sudden he points at me, and says, “you were that DJ at that party”. I think he had had one too many shandies at this point, but nevertheless he then went on to shake my hand and invite me over to join him, I couldn’t have done that bad of a job then.

So at this point, apart from looking like an idiot holding my coat all night, I was having a nice time. I was in good company and for once I was having a few shandy’s myself.

The only thing was, Not at any point during my time in Leeds, did any girl pay me any attention in the slightest, now if this had been a few years earlier when I still was “A fat, badly dressed boy from Essex, with a bad haircut” I could understand, but no, this was now, when I was 20 and working as a model normally with girls all over me, it was a big shock, not even the really ugly fat girls paid a blind bit of notice to me.

And this is my quibble about Leeds. Needless to say, I didn’t like it and won’t go back, the end.