Jammy Taylor




now that’s what I call a first date

kid in a candy shop with no money

the great train journey north

fat badly dressed boy from essex with a bad hair cut

stop being a pigeon

big time brian

welcome to blackpool

of course I can ride a lion!!

the lands end experience

why does it always rain on me?

hair and make up

what’s so good about hopscotch anyway

i hope it works out for you both

ill start again on monday


do you like me?


im nuts!!!

nearly brown bread

lay on your back and think of trees

it’s only ok if I do it

ride that unicorn

for their eyes only

not whats in the brochure

make more chocolate

not today thank you

cat nip for women

its not me, its you…

on off broadway – Article Magazine

duck hunt nyc

never trust a tart – Article magazine

what the old wise man said… – Article Magazine

its easy to be chubby

welcome to LA

jenny was a friend of mine

nutmare before christmas